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MGRM, an acronym for Multi-domain Global Relationship Management, specializes in recognizing the physical, psychological and social needs of a person at every stage of the Human Life Cycle and addressing them through a variety of application, tools, services and products. It is a diversified multi-sector Group backed by over two decades of extensive research in evolving proprietary Technologies, which are used to create products and solutions having global applicability in multiple domains.

MGRM products include Physical Rehabilitation Splints and Aids under the brand name "MGRM", Educational E-governance Systems under the brand name "M-Star Education Expert Systems", Country E-governance Application under the brand name "M-Gov" and Home Décor items under the brand name "MyHome".

The foundation of MGRM was laid towards the end of the twentieth century with a strong commitment to address the varied problems and miseries affecting people across borders, nationalities, colour and creed, through research based solutions. The MGRM team has created revolutionary technologies in different domains through the process of "Search and Research" and translated them into business opportunities with the mission: "To make an individual, a Complete Personality".

The Group has its presence in more than twelve countries across six continents and a large consumer base of approximately two million individuals and corporates. It delivers the very best for every stakeholder, be it the customer, investor, or society in general with the help of a workforce working relentlessly to fulfill the Group mission in a competent and performance-driven environment where every member of the workforce grows as s/he performs.

All MGRM employees share three core values: Sincere - Sustained - Hardwork. These values help persevere the business decisions of MGRM companies in their commitment towards the vision of "Ultimate Rehabilitation of the Human Race", the mission "To make an individual, a Complete Personality" and the hope "May God Rehabilitate Mankind".

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