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Through its network of licensed partners and group of companies, MGRM provides expert solutions and innovative technologies for several industries, including educational, pharmaceutical, automobile, insurance and healthcare along with advanced E-governance systems and countrywide e-governance solutions.


MGRM Medicare

MGRM Medicare licenses technologies from MGRM Holding to design, manufacture and market a full line of orthopedic soft goods in Eastern Europe and South Asia. Our products cover the complete physical rehabilitative process – preventive, emergency or pretreatment, treatment and post treatment care.



MGRM Net (Networked Educational Technologies) is a leading E-governance technology company. It markets and implements educational expert systems, educational and pharmaceutical E-governance systems, and countrywide E-governance solutions. MGRM Net has licensed a host of education technologies from MGRM Holding to implement and service advanced E-governance solutions.


MGRM Pinnacle

Throughout the U.S., learning institutions are choosing MGRM Pinnacle. They look to the company for comprehensive software technologies and products that improve the educational experience for their students and all other stakeholders. We provide educational technology solutions that keep their students engaged… teachers energized… parents informed… alumni connected… and administrators efficient.


MGRM Technologies

MGRM Technologies, LLC provides products, services and solutions for the medical and education industries. For the medical industry, MGRM supplies a full line of orthopedic soft goods in North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean. Furthermore, we provide the proprietary medical technology, M-Care Healthcare Expert System, to hospitals and other healthcare organizations.


MGRM Engineers

MGRM Engineers has led the charge in making technology and quality products available in South Asia. While India has a large pool of talented and qualified technicians, there is a dearth of new technology, good manufacturing practices and high-quality equipment. To tackle this problem, MGRM Engineers undertakes distribution, integration and promotion of new products and technology so they can be replicated in South Asia.


MGRM Infotech

MGRM Infotech Solutions uses information, communications and telecommunications tools to provide expert solutions for several industries, including educational, pharmaceutical, automobile, insurance and healthcare. The focus of this initiative is the delivery of customized technology solutions that bridge the barriers within an organization and allow the unified deployment of men and materials through our process-oriented solutions.

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