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M-Star HES

M-Star HES

An impressionable mind is more fertile when it resides inside a healthy body. That's why a child's health is one of the most critical aspects when we talk about the overall

development of a personality. Thus it becomes imperative to properly maintain and keep track of the health records of the younger generation.

MGRM offers M-Star Health Expert System (HES) which takes a holistic approach by maintaining medical history, capturing current health details and providing various reports and alerts empowering you to take timely preventive and corrective actions. Embedded with a bouquet of benefits, the M-Star HES comes secured and personalized, which can be simply accessed through OmVcards. It is designed for standardization of student & employee health record, faster data retrieval, better emergency handling, informed decision making and more.

It offers comprehensive health profile of the students which include history, biometry, current health details, past history, previous medical and many more. Additionally, M-Star HES is programmed to send alerts for the students having known allergies or diseases, their vaccination details, blood group requirement, due doctor consultation and other critical notifications related to the personal health.

For schools already having M-Star School Expert System, it serves as a value add-on. It can be easily integrated with existing M-Star SES to enhance student and employee profiles with all the above-stated features.

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