MSTAR Online Admissions

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OLA Benefits for the Institution


Online Benefits


  • Online accessibility of admission service.
  • No Software installation for maintainance.
  • Eliminate expensive cost of servers and workstation with "recommended specs"
  • Platform independent - can connect to PC with internet access.


Analyze efforts


  • Identify trends in enrolment vis-a-vis previous years.
  • Gender ratio of applications




  • Ensure applicant fills all required fields.
  • Accurate data recieved in forms.
  • Unique application code – no duplicacy.
  • Activate/Deactivate registration process at the prescribed date and precise time.


Professional Image


  • Broadcast public notices, events and activities at no cost.
  • Showcase institution vision, facilities, policies, rules to a global audience.
  • Online availability of merit list, admission, admission offer letters.


OLA Benefits for the Student


Easier than the paper application.


  • Hassle free availability of form
  • No smudging of information no need to worry about bad handwriting.
  • Error free data entry of information.
  • Online alert in case of incomplete forms.
  • No worry of misplaced forms or lost forms


Public-Institution Interaction


  • Important dates
  • General queries
  • Late application
  • Special considerations and appeals


Stess-free task accomplishment


  • Takes minutes to accomplish what used to take hours earlier
  • User friendly design that intuitively direct, giving much ease to already anxious parents and students
  • Transparency in admission

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