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When it comes to expert education systems, MGRM is one of the most trusted names in the educational sector. Backed with years of market research and rich domain expertise, MGRM has designed and deployed a range of innovative services for institutions which are predominantly aimed at upgrading the level of education in our society.

Using cutting-edge technology along with its perfect implementation, our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals develops expert solutions to serve our clients and institutes. MGRM is a research-based group which has accomplished various milestones in different domains of operations.


  • Global leader in conceptualizing, developing and licensing proprietary technology integrated solutions to individuals, corporations and countries
  • The MGRM Educational E-governance application is the world's only program addressing global education system needs.
  • Over two hundred patents and fifty licenses issued worldwide.
  • Unparalleled domain knowledge, resulting in solutions that are State / Center policy compliant, industry enriching, user friendly and ready to implement
  • Applications are designed to enhance relationships between elements: citizens, societies, institutions, industry etc across verticals.
  • By utilizing the available ICT Tools, these diverse relationships interact through the first-ever world-class standard M-Star Governance application and the proprietary     tool, PACTOP
  • Our Global Relationship Management team of over 150 analysts has studied world-wide educational systems, covering more than 100,000 schools, 300 colleges and     120 universities
  • Experience in Education Domain and Online admissions of more than a decade


Powered by groundbreaking technology and user-friendly features, MGRM’s proprietary M-Star Educational Expert Systems have transformed the modern-day educational landscape as the robust system provides a range of advanced solutions to the individuals and institutions in the educational domain.

In this fast changing world of technology, we keep ourselves updated with the new trends and keep on working on new ideas for sustained improvement and satisfied users, thus constantly enriching our proud portfolio of expert systems and products.

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